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Your Brain Doesn't Stop When You're Asleep

Did you know that your brain does not stop when you're sleeping? Research has shown that your brain is very active while you're sleeping. Here are just some of the things that your brain focuses on.

Your brain processes information and prepares for actions during sleep. A recent study found the brain processes complex stimuli during sleep and then uses the information to make decisions while awake. 

Another thing your brain does while you're asleep is form new memories, consolidate older ones and linking memories together. This happens during REM and non-REM sleep. Have you ever heard that sleep is highly important when it comes to learning? A teacher has probably told you that before, and now studies have shown that sleeping before you learn will help your brain prepare for initial formation of memories. Sleep after you learn is important to help save new information as well. Without sleep, your ability to learn information can drop up to 40%. 

Your brain doesn't stop when you're asleep, because it is also clearing out toxins at the same time. During sleep, the brain clears out damaging molecules associated with neurodegeneration. 

If these are not good enough reasons to convince you of the importance of sleep, then read on for more information on what your brain does while you're asleep

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