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About Our Products

About Our Products


We use cleansed and sanitized goose and duck down. Our down is triple washed, ethically harvested, and then sanitized at our factory.  We tumble it for several hours to produce a lovely mixture of soft and lofty fill.

Ideal for high quality bedding and decorative purposes.

Soft Feather:
We use only small soft feathers.  The feathers are ethically harvested, washed, steam cleaned, and sanitized at our factory. These feathers have a nice curl, small quills, and a small percentage of down-like quality fibers.

Ideal for throw pillows and seat cushions.

Down & Feather Blends:

We custom blend and sanitize our down and feather at our factory.  It's blended by weight and tumbled for hours to ensure a uniform mix and exceptional loft.

25% down and 75% soft feather is an exceptional fill for decorative throw pillow inserts.  

50% down and 50% soft feather is well suited for sleep products such as pillows, feather beds, and mattress toppers.

80% goose down cluster has exceptional loft and warmth.   75% duck down cluster is ideal for high quality sleep products including pillows, duvet inserts, feather beds, and mattress toppers.

Down Alternative:
We process our down alternative fiber in the factory to produce an exceptionally light and "lofty" feel. Our fiber filled pillows feel smooth and soft and evenly filled.

Polysilk™  is a luxurious down alternative fill. It is a polyester microfiber that has a soft and silky feel. Polysilk™ is long lasting, machine washable, and hypoallergenic.

Polysilk™ is a .7 to .9 denier polyester microfiber. The fibers are coated with silicon that is bonded to the fiber. This process increases the life span of the fiber, ensuring washable and long lasting pillows, comforters, and mattress toppers. 

Polysilk™ feels like pure down, is hypoallergenic, and cost effective.  Perfect for home decorating and bedding, we choose Polysilk™ for ourselves and our friends.  It is perfect for discriminating interior designers and their clients, and Polysilk™ has been proven, through experience, to be the best down alternative product we know of.

Machine Washing Down and Feather:
Machine Wash Cold with small amount of mild detergent in a Normal or Gentle cycle.

Tumble Dry Medium Heat for two cycles with a couple of clean tennis balls to enhance the fluffing. Let pillows cool completely between cycles.

Machine Washing Polyester Fibers:
Machine Wash Cold with small amount of mild detergent in Gentle cycle.

Tumble Dry Low Heat for two cycles, with a couple of clean tennis balls to enhance the fluffing.