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Cities With The Most Sleep

Everywhere you live there is a different lifestyle. Whether you live somewhere where people go on hikes after work or you live somewhere where you find there is nowhere to go spend time outside so you spend the time watching television. A new study just came out showing what cities get the most amount of sleep

Jawbone, the makers of UP, which is a digitized wristband tracking how users move and sleep, released a new dataset to determine who gets the most sleep. Melbourne is where people get the most sleep with Tokyo getting the least amount of sleep. Overall, Americans just need more sleep overall.

Although Up users might not show are very accurate reading, it can show that people tend to need more sleep. What else did this study reveal?

People in areas with a large population like New York have a grid-routine where they get up early on weekdays, move little during the day and sleep in more on weekends. They go to bed later every weekday and go to sleep the earliest on Sundays. Orlando and Beijing there is a distinction between how users sleep on weekends and weekdays compared to places such as New York. 

Do you think that where you live determines how much sleep you get every day? 

Paul TerlizziComment