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Great Apps To Improve Your Sleep

We're all attached to our phones. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. We use our phones for work, to keep in touch with long distance family and friends, check our social media accounts and play games. Maybe you also use your phone to track your nutrition, read the news and for your daily routines. Another reason to use your phone is to help improve your sleep. Here is a list of great apps to improve your sleep.

1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock - We've all heard it a million times: getting into a sleep cycle is one of the best ways to ensure you feel well rested. This app analyzes and graphs your sleep quality, lets you add sleep notes and wakes up at your lightest sleep time by using soft tones to wake you. Now doesn't that sound great?! For the real deal, it'll cost you 99 cents, but you can find trial apps and ones like it for free.

2. Sleep - By using soothing lullabies and relaxing music, this app will help release all of the tensions from the day and relax your mind. This one also costs 99 cents.

3. Feeling like an insomniac? - Insomnia Cure has all of the information you need to help battle insomnia from learning tips and tools that will help you form a stress-free natural sleep. A little more costly, but rated highly, this will cost you $2.99.

4. Sleep Pillow - This white noise app has 70 high-quality sounds such as bubbling streams, wind chimes, rain and much more. You can mix any of these into personalized combinations to help calm you into a great sleep. This app runs at $1.99, with a trial run that is free!

These four apps will help you improve your sleep, all at a cost lower than trying a new thing and having it not work for you. Everybody has their own method to improving their sleep, finding what works best for you is the sure way to do it! Keep in mind most of these apps do offer free trial periods, so you don't have to buy until you know that's what you want. Happy sleeping!

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