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Waking Up Sore

You know there has been at least one time that you have woken up after a whole night of sleeping full of aches and pains. Waking up sore is a terrible feeling and there are many reasons for you to wake up feeling sore. Here are some of those reasons you might be waking up sore.

1. Illness is largely a reason to wake up sore, or to feel sore in general. When you come down with a cold or the flu your body is trying to fight to get you back to healthy mode. This means your body is never fully resting, hence the feeling of being sore when you wake up.

2. Exercise can oftentimes cause you to wake up feeling sore as well. Although this is a soreness that you generally feel great about, it can be annoying to feel sore after having a great workout session. This soreness will go away once your body gets used to you working out.

3. Anxiety can also cause you to wake up feeling sore. Many of us suffer from anxiety for a wide variety of reasons such as our jobs, finances, relationships and more. Anxiety can cause your muscles to tighten up, giving you a sore feeling after a night of sleep.

4. An underlying disease can also cause soreness in the morning. Fibromyalgia is a common cause of soreness, which is a chronic widespread pain that a doctor can help you diagnose. A vitamin deficiency and sleep disorders can also cause you to wake up not feeling well rested.

If you are consistently waking up sore, talking to your doctor is the best way to go about solving the problem at hand. It could be any one of the issues stated above, but before you jump to conclusions analyze your daily routine and see if you can find what could be causing the issue to begin with. 

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