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The History of Sleep Pillows

It's something you have probably never, ever thought about. The history of sleep pillows. You lay your head down, go to sleep and that's it. Maybe you consider how much money you want to spend on that pillow, but have you ever thought about where pillows originate from? Well, after reading this you will be able to educate all of your friends with the history of sleep pillows!

Wealthy men in Asia were the first to actually use pillows. Using sophisticated dyes and sewing techniques made the pillows to be viewed as prized commodities in China and Persia, later followed by Medieval Europe. Ancient Asian cultures believed that a soft pillow would steal energy from your body while you slept, so they used hard pillow blocks with a half-moon cut out for the neck.

A traditional Chinese pillow are hard boxes made from stone, wood, metal or porcelain. Stone blocks kept the head off the ground and prevented bugs from entering your ears.

In England pillows were used by women giving birth, and only by them. King Henry VIII banned the use of pillows because they were seen as a status symbol. The Industrial Revolution provided a high rise in decorated pillows as they became more affordable with mass production. These pillows can still be found and purchased in antique shops.

So if you are ever thinking that your "soft" pillow just isn't soft enough, consider an ancient pillow used of stone. Or if you're worried about bugs getting in your ears, know that stone is the way to go. Although Grand+Humble Company does not carry any stone pillows, we can find the perfect pillow for you!


Paul Terlizzi