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Feather Beds

Feather Beds

Feather Beds - Grand+Humble makes feather beds that can transform an ordinary bed into an extraordinary sleep experience.   Designed and manufactured in the United States or imported, the quality of these beds is outstanding.   Our feather beds are "boxed" or stitched through to keep the fill from shifting, giving you even comfort. 

We use a blend of 50% down and 50% soft feather or Polysilk™ to fill our domestically manufactured quality feather beds.  Imported feather bed has a down top and soft feather bottom.      

See examples below

FABRICS - 100% cotton.

CARE - feather beds can be commercially laundered.  Spot clean mattress toppers with mild detergent and water, air dry.

PACK / SHIP -Clear plastic bag with zippered closure.  We make every effort to minimize your shipping costs including folding and vacuum packaging feather beds and mattress toppers.

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